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Let us know if you would like us to join you in worship some time:
• Does your regular worship team need a break?
• Need some worship time at a conference or seminar?
• Would your church like to try out a more contemporary worship style?

Looking back on the formation of this group, it is apparent to us that God is the architect - nothing here is by chance or by our own design. He collected a group of people with varied backgrounds and gifts, and through a series of wondrous circumstances, brought us together in a way that bears the evidence of His hand and His grace. To God be the honor and glory.

Our passion to worship God continues to grow each day as we understand more and more about Christ and His love for us.   There is evidence of His miraculous provision all around us, and we rejoice as we see the Spirit of God move in the hearts and lives of people who have committed their lives to His care. 

It is our hope that if you haven't yet experienced the joy and peace of a life committed to Christ, that you would let us share with you what He means to us. 

Contemporary songs and choruses are our primary offering, but we also love and appreciate the hymns of the church.  Scripture and prayer are powerful components of worship as well and are a regular part of our ministry.  We have a love for celebrative praise AND reflective worship, so we enjoy filling a room with sounds of praise as well as offering up simple, quiet songs of worship.  On the contemporary music scale, we are probably right down the middle somewhere - not so rocky, not so mellow.  Click here to see some of the song titles we use.

We are called to present our gifts before God as an act of worship.

Guitar & Vocals
Keyboard &
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Fri, Sep 30, 2005